With the significant snowfall consider this a friendly reminder to brush snow off your vehicle, all of it.

In Illinois, there are "rules of the road" pertaining to your vehicle's condition as far as snow and ice is concerned.

Remove all snow and ice from the vehicle, clear all windows and do not start driving until the windshield is defrosted and clear. A driver should be sure to have nonfreezing windshield washer liquid and that the vehicle’s headlights and taillights are visible.

But, there's more. You could be ticketed for not removing the "snow mattress" from your vehicle. A snow mattress is exactly what it sounds like, a giant chunk of snow on the top of your vehicle that looks like a mattress flipping through the air.

According to KHQA in Quincy, Illinois, you could get fined over $100 if you don't completely remove the snow from your entire vehicle.

Failure to clear off your car could land you a $120 fine.

If you're unable to clear off your vehicle find someone in your family or a neighbor to help you if they say "no" they're a jerk. Also, be a good human and help someone clear off their car. Don't be a jerk.

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