Saw this last week and I was interested because I've always wondered if it was against the law.

KHQA in Quincy says vehicles with "snow mattresses" could cause a real problem for other motorists. You know, that tough to reach pile of snow on the top of your vehicle that blows off while you cruise around? That's a "snow mattress." Admit it, that's clever.

Anyway, a Quincy cop said there's a chance that pile of snow could blow off in one major chunk and cause a huge accident.

Makes sense, but what's the deal with the law in Rockford? I couldn't find anything local mentioning snow removal, but the 2018 Illinois Rules of The Road state:

Remove all snow and ice from the vehicle, clear all windows and do not start driving until the windshield is defrosted and clear. A driver should be sure to have nonfreezing windshield washer liquid and that the vehicle’s headlights and taillights are visible.

The "all snow" part is what makes me think that if you're driving around with a "snow mattress" on top of your car you're breaking the law. KHQA says "Failure to clear off your car could land you a $120 fine."

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