"Karen" has become synonymous with entitled and demanding behavior, and if you're a "Karen" in public, you might want to think twice before causing a scene because more and more people with this characteristic are learning the hard way. People aren't getting the point of not being a d-bag and they really should take notice. Why, do you ask? Here's another primo example.

Karen's Should Know Eyes Are Everywhere

Nowadays, almost everyone has a smartphone, and these devices come equipped with high-quality cameras that can capture your every move. So, if you're having a meltdown in public, there's a good chance that someone is filming you.

And if you're lucky, your antics will go viral on social media, which means that you'll be the talk of the internet for days, if not weeks, years, or more. Maybe they're secretly hoping for attention?

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So what led from screenshot A to screenshot B?

@Capricornred87 via TikTok
@Capricornred87 via TikTok

Illinois' "Pizza Sauce Karen"

There's a famous (or infamous) incident where a "Karen" became upset because there wasn't enough tomato sauce on her pizza. She demanded more sauce, but the employee behind the counter refused to give her any. This "Karen" was so incensed that she started berating the employee, calling them names and causing a scene. It all would have ended there, except for one thing: the whole incident was captured on camera and posted on the internet.

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This story is a cautionary tale for anyone who's considering acting like a "Karen" in public. Not only is it unbecoming, but it can also have serious consequences. Although, it's possible the employee could have some trouble headed her way if the cops were called, which is unknown at this point.

But, just imagine being known as the "Pizza Sauce Karen" for the rest of your life. It's not exactly the legacy you want to leave behind, is it? So, the next time you're in a public place and you're feeling frustrated, take a deep breath and remember that there are consequences to your actions.

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