You have to see what these Illinois parents of a special needs child do at Halloween for their little boy.

They go all out making it a day of escape from his malady.

Parents of special needs children always want to make their kids feel included and bring as much normalcy into their lives as they can.

These Melrose Park, IL parents go above and beyond to make their little boy Anthony have as much fun he can on Halloween just like all other children do.

ABC7 shares that the Alfano's have been known to make elaborate costumes for Anthony who suffers from Cerebral Palsy.

Every year his Dad, Tony, "designs and builds costumes for his son from scratch. Then mom Deanna Alfano puts on the finishing touches."

Tony said that Anthony is "always seen as the boy that can't do nothing... I just want to make him not be seen that way. Halloween costume is like the best disguise."

Both Tony and Deanna make sure that "Halloween is more than a day of dress up. It's an escape" for Anthony.

In years past Tony creatively made costumes of a contestant on Wheel of Fortune, a jockey, "Mini-Me, a Blackhawks goalie, Zoltar, even a Lincoln Memorial snow globe" for his son.

This year promises to amazing as well. Anthony is being transformed into "the famous waiting room scene" from the movie "Beetlejuice." Dad built a mock couch around Anthony's old wheelchair with mannequins flanking Anthony's seat."

Wow! that is a feat in itself.

Overall, the Alfano's not only are doing this to give their son a day of fun and happiness and not to mention being the center of attention, but also to break the "stigma for having special needs. So this is a way that [people can] look at him and they see this like bright, happy kid and it makes them feel good; in return puts a smile on his face when he gets all the attention."

The Alfano's feel like this is their purpose in life to inspire other families with special needs families and encourage them .

To see more of Tony's "pulling all the stops" costumes. Watch the news clip below and be prepared to be blown away.




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