If it weren't for the amazing people in pediatric & neonatal intensive care units, many of the tiniest and sickest humans would never make it home.

Angela Farnan is a pediatric ICU nurse at OSF in Peoria and she has provided care and love for the sickest children for over 30 years. Angela's work is focused on children born with congenital heart problems, according to abc7chicago.com.

Patients become like family during their stay but this time a patient really did become family. Blaze was born with a congenital heart defect and had his first surgery when he was only three days old. During the time after his first surgery and his second 8 months later, Blaze stayed with Angela's family because he couldn't be with his biological family. After that second surgery, Blaze's biological mom didn't think she could keep up with the care her son needed.

"She made a heartfelt decision to ask us if we'd be willing to keep him on a permanent basis. It was an emotional time, she was in tears. Internally we are ecstatic but sad for this mom who is feeling a loss," Angela Farnan said.

My favorite part of this story, Blaze's adoptive parents were never able to have children of their own. Watch this incredible story below.

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