After trying multiple times to reach her daughter by phone, one Illinois Mom hopped on Roblox to get an important message to her daughter, and now the entire country is talking about it.

A Desperate Roblox Situation

I have two daughters, ages 6 and 9, and Roblox is a BIG deal in our house. My girls play it every chance they get and have even talked me into creating my own account so I can play with them. While I am TERRIBLE at navigating most Roblox games, (all the moving around of camera angles makes me feel nauseous at times),  Brookhaven is one we usually enjoy some girl time playing. I won't claim I know much about Roblox, but I do know how to find my kids in games they are playing, so someday I may have to do exactly what this Illinois mom did.

Illinois Mom Uses Roblox to Send Message to Daughter

Chariel "Cha Cha" Watson is a single mom who lives in Chicago with her 11-year-old daughter named Miracle. Cha Cha recently told NBC Chicago;

Being a single parent, I know she’s on Roblox a lot, so I just joined her world to be able to spend that quality time with her

The mom and daughter pair have been playing Roblox for over a year together, so when Miracle didn't answer her mother's phone calls recently, Mama found a way to reach her...

Now, I'm assuming when Cha Cha originally sent that message on Roblox and shared screenshots of it on Facebook, she never assumed it would get worldwide attention, but that's exactly what happened.

Not only did her post gather thousands of likes, shares, and comments, but it even caught the eye of actress Viola Davis!

Cha Cha's story was featured on the Today Show...

People Magazine, and several other radio and tv shows too.


Here is the interview NBC Chicago recently did with Cha Cha and Miracle...

Basically the moral of this clever story can really be summed up best with the exact words from Viola Davis, "Where's a Mom, there's a way". Remember that kids and NEVER ignore phone calls from your Mom.

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