Former Chicago Bull Jimmy Butler had a message for his critics and gave out his personal phone number during a press conference telling them all to call him. Hundreds of people called but they didn't get Jimmy.

Chicago Bull Jimmy Butler
Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

I was watching the press conference on my phone as I heard Jimmy Butler give out his cell number encouraging people to call. Like others, I saved the number and even tried to call. I never got through but I did get an odd voicemail greeting. There's a reason the voice didn't sound like Jimmy Butler, the former Chicago Bull. It was some dude named Mike.

The fact that it wasn't Jimmy Butler spread almost as fast as the news of Butler giving out his "cell" number. Mike Bryne's number is just one off from Butler. NBC Chicago got through to the guy that owned the number Jimmy gave out and, as you can imagine, he had a ton of calls and texts... all to the wrong person.

At first I heard my phone going off a bunch. When I checked it, I already had 37 missed calls,” he says. “I got calls from Arkansas, Florida, New York City, and all over the country. I got voice mails and text messages all saying how much they supported me.

The best part of the story is Bryne explaining to NBC Chicago that he had no idea who Jimmy Butler was prior to his phone exploding with calls and texts. He also explained why he's still answering calls.

According to NBC Chicago,

'I can’t ignore the phone because I have to leave the phone open if a job calls,' he said. 'I used to work in DVD and CD replication for student films and office films, so I’m still having to check my phone to see if I get any leads for that.'

There's no word on what Jimmy Butler's number actually is.

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