A man was going to purchase a lottery ticket for his wife when his life suddenly ended on Monday night (2/26).

Father Was an Innocent Bystander in Chicago Shooting

One man was killed and three others injured in a shooting that occurred around 5:45 pm on Monday (2/26) near 71st and State Street in Chicago's Grand Crossing neighborhood.

In the story from ABC7, authorities reported that a verbal argument is what started the incident that ended with shots being fired.

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Chicago Police say they received an alert of the incident on SpotShotter and when officers arrived on the scene identified two gunshot victims, one who was critically shot in the head while using a nearby ATM.

Relatives of the victim say he was just making a quick trip to the corner store to purchase a lottery ticket for his wife when he was caught in the crossfire of the shooting.

Shooting Victim Identified as South Side Chicago Resident

The man who was shot and killed on Monday in Chicago while on his way to buy a lottery ticket has been identified as 59-year-old Simon Brown.

During their investigation and search of the area, Chicago Police found one of the suspects who suffered a gunshot wound to the leg, and took him into custody.

CPD is hoping to identify a second shooter using security cameras in the area, according to ABC7.

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