So Marijuana laws in Illinois are changing on January 1st 2020. But that doesn't mean its a free for all. I guess someone forgot to tell Thomas J Franzen In Chicago. He was just sentenced to 4 years in prison for ordering 42 pounds of Cannabis infused chocolate. Franzen plead guilty to possession of more than 5,000 grams of Cannabis according to

It seems he had been ordering packages for a while that looked kind of suspicious. When the police obtained a search warrant they found over 19,000 grams of the chocolate infused with THC. But that's not all. When police searched his home, they found cocaine and another 100 grams of cannabis. As well as known evidence of drug dealing. Like a digital scale, $2,000 in cash and postal receipts for packages he mailed from the U.S to Canada.

Franzen's attorney stated that Franzen had testicular cancer and was undergoing treatment when he ordered the Marijuana. The police said they had plenty of evidence that he was a drug dealer but with Franzen having a serious medical condition, they reduced his 12 year minimum sentence down to 4 years. I think we'll just call him Willy Nelson Wonka.

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