Trying to think about whether or not you could complete in this contest might make your head hurt. An Illinois man did it and almost won. Grab a warm drink before reading this.

Prairie Farms World Ice Cream Eating Championship
Youtube via Naptown Buzz

Hopefully, there was a hot towel and some Tylenol near by because an Illinois man attempted an ice cream contest. The man from south of Chicago put down 15 pints of ice cream in six minutes. Despite his effort, Juan Rodriguez came second to one of the top eating competitors in the world at Prairie Farms World Ice Cream Eating Championship. Miki Sudo ate 16 pints of ice cream in a record setting six minutes, according to WGN. The mere thought of that makes my head hurt.

By the way, Miki also was Nathan's Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest in July. And, if you think you've got what it takes to win competitions like these you're probably wrong. Listen to what my friend (and competitive eater) Molly Schuyler had to say when I asked for training advice.


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