Illinois, mind your own business and stop wasting our time.

Geez, a few months ago, I got one of those stupid letters from the state asking for me to provide "proof" that I had auto insurance. Apparently, I'm not the only one. Did you receive one too?

A friend of mine posted on Facebook that she also received a letter from the Mandatory  Insurance Division" of the Illinois Secretary of State's Office that told her that she had to fill out a form to verify she had liability insurance coverage. The form states that the information must be provided for the vehicle listed and the insurance must have had to be in place on a specific date.

If you receive the nasty letter, you are required to provide the information within 30 days by mailing back a form. And yes, YOU have to pay for the postage. The letter also threatens you by saying "Failure to return this form will result in a notice of suspension."

More Illinois bureaucracy. it's right there on  the Secretary of State's website:

If the computer randomly selects your license plate registration, you will receive an insurance verification form from the Secretary of State (see below). Your liability coverage will be verified with the company.


A couple things to keep in mind, I am all in favor of rules requiring insurance, but as you know, in Illinois, when you renew your annual sticker for your license plate you are required to fill out your proof of insurance information on your renewal and send it to the state in order to receive your sticker. Why can't they use the information you already provided?

This, of course coming from a government agency, that up until a few months ago, was too broke to send out license renewal s to its citizens.

So what's going on here? We're not sure, but more aggravation from living in Illinois. Where does our financially challenged state get money to conduct the insurance  investigations? It seems like a waste of time and money, and witch hunt.

Nice going Illinois. Guilty until proven innocent!

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