With more electric and hybrid vehicles on the road these days, you don't hear the loud engine and busted muffler noises like you may have 10 or 20 years ago unless someone just had their catalytic converter stolen.

And then there are those who have muscle cars or modified exhausts on their '2 Fast 2 Furious' clones and pride themselves in the obnoxiously loud sounds coming from their tailpipes.

Cameras Already Being Used to Control Bad Driving and Car Theft

You may already be aware of intersections in Illinois that have "red light cameras" which snap a picture of your license plate if you are caught running a red light.

But did you know there are surveillance cameras randomly placed around the state of Illinois in strategic roadside positions that scan your license plate when you pass to see if you're driving a stolen vehicle?

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Now, Illinois is considering a new device that will monitor how loud your mufflers is, and send you a ticket if it exceeds their limit.

Owners Who Drive With Loud Exhaust in Illinois May Get Big Fine

A proposed ordinance could begin as early as 2024 that would send fines to owners of vehicles in Illinois that were recorded with car noises over a certain decibel.

According to Fox32, Chicago may soon implement "automated cameras to ticket drivers with loud mufflers" that are similar to speed cameras that are attached to the light poles.

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These particular cameras would be equipped with cameras and placed throughout downtown Chicago, and according to the report from Fox 32, a warning will be sent to first-time violators of the noise ordinance before the owner faces a fine.

An advocate for motorcyclists said they will be unfairly singled out if the new ordinance is passed because of "the nature of those vehicles."

How Much Will Fines Be for Loud Exhaust in Illinois

According to the Fox32 report, the decibel threshold for the new ordinance hasn't yet been set, and there will be a review of each incident by a technician before any warning or fine is sent.

Currently, the fine in Chicago is $750 for a "loud modified exhaust system," and while no specific amount was set in the ordinance, violators would be "subject to the city’s current noise ordinances," according to the article.

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