School is almost out for summer, and soon the real fun begins. By fun, I mean, (sarcastically), the fun of figuring out how to keep our kids entertained every day begins.

Every parent knows that not every summer day is meant for playing outside. Sometimes it rains, and sometimes it is just too darn hot to do anything outdoors. When those days arrive, and you don't want the kids wasting the day away on screentime, take the short drive to Aurora, Illinois and check out Kiddy Club!

Your Kids Will Go Cuckoo For Kiddy Club

I believe the key to surviving and having a full day of fun when you have young kids requires three major things...

  1. A variety of things to capture and hold their interest.
  2. Plenty of room to play and explore.
  3. LOTS of ways for them to deplete all their energy.

When it comes to those three things, and so many more, Kiddy Club has it covered!

Just look at this massive area of fun...


Kiddy Club also has an INDOOR sandbox that doesn't require you to clean up after!



Does your kid love ball pits? Kiddy Club's ball pit is huge, and it has slides!


If you fear a lot of the fun Kiddy Club has to offer might be too much for your youngest kids, stop right there! Kiddy Club has an entire section designed specifically for infants and toddlers...


Kiddy Club - Indoor Sandbox and Playground is located at 4314 E New York Street in Aurora, Illinois, and is open Monday through Friday, 10 a.m. to 8 p.m., and from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Saturdays and Sundays. Walk-ins are welcome, and here are the admission prices from their website;

0-6 months always free

6-12 months w/paying sibling free

6-12 months Mon-Thu without paying sibling $7

6-12 months Fri-Sun without paying sibling $8

1-7 years Mon-Thu $14 1-7 years Fri-Sun $16

8-13 years Mon-Sun sandbox and interactive floor game only! $7

Are you ready to hop in your car and drive to Aurora yet? Me too!

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