Does it seem like there are more wild turkeys roaming around the neighborhoods of northern Illinois than there normally are?

Every single county in Illinois has a wild turkey population, and according to the U of I Extention, there are around 150,000 wild turkeys in the state.

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Over the past couple of weeks, it feels like there are 100,000 wild turkeys just hanging out behind our radio studios in the neighborhood off Brendenwood Road.

When Does Wild Turkey Hunting Season Begin?

According to the Illinois Department of Natural Resources, the Fall 2023 Turkey Archery season begins on October 1, and Turkey Shotgun season will be from October 21 to 29.

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Fall firearm turkey hunting is only allowed in some Illinois counties. CLICK HERE to see which counties allow firearm turkey hunting.

Can You Legally Shoot a Wild Turkey in Your Backyard?

According to the IDNR website, if you want to legally hunt wild turkeys on your personal property, you must hold a valid hunting license, a state habitat stamp, and at least one valid turkey permit, according to eregulations.

Johnny Vincent, Canva
Johnny Vincent, Canva

For the Fall hunting season, the deadline has passed to obtain a 2023 Landowner Fall Turkey/Deer permit which was September 1, 2023. All applications that are received now will be reviewed for the 2024-2028 certification period, according to the IDNR.

Even if you do have valid permits and licenses to hunt wild turkeys, it still may not be legal to discharge a firearm in your neighborhood depending on where you live, but using the bow and arrow may be permitted if you're within the hunting season dates and in the fall hunting zone.

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To see all the hunting information from the Illinois Department of Natural Resources, CLICK HERE.

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