Archery season will begin next week so the Illinois Department of Natural Resources is reminding hunters about all the rules and regulations that are important before heading out into the wilderness.

When Does Deer Hunting Season Begin in Illinois?

According to the Hunt Illinois website, the Archery season will begin October 1, and if you're east of Route 47 in Kane County the season continues through January 14, 2024.

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Hunting with a shotgun, handgun, or muzzleloader runs from November 17 through 19, and from November 30 through December 3. Hunting with a muzzleloader only extends from December 8 through 10, according to Hunt Illinois.

Illinois Prohibits Hunters from Using This Technology

According to a press release from the Illinois DNR, there have been reports from the public given to conservation police regarding the "use of drones for scouting and tracking animals."

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The use of drones or any unmanned aircraft for any hunting activities is unlawful, according to the IDNR.

Director of Law Enforcement for the Illinois DNR Jed Whitchurch said using a drone when hunting is illegal in Illinois but it also "goes against the spirit of fair chase and widely accepted hunting ethics."

Illinois Conservation Police officers will be monitoring for drone use during the fall and winter hunting seasons. We encourage all hunters to familiarize themselves with the Wildlife Code and wish them a safe and successful hunting season. -Jed Whitchurch, IDNR Director of Law Enforcement

If you are caught flying a drone for hunting purposes, the Illinois Department of Natural Resources can seize any equipment that's being used unlawfully, according to the press release.

CLICK HERE to review the Illinois Wildlife Code that "regulates the taking of wildlife and the use of unmanned aircraft."

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