I've never been so aware of the U.S. flag status since living in the Churchill's Grove neighborhood of Rockford. On my daily drive home down Auburn, I can't miss the huge American flag waving in my view at the Main Street roundabout.

I saw Ol' Glory in the roundabout flying full-staff for only a couple of days, but here it is again flying half-staff.

Here's Why Flags Have Been at Half-Staff in the Past Couple of Months

Back in April, the American flag at the Auburn / Main Street roundabout we believe was lowered for the death of Rockford Alderman Linda McNeely who served the city for 26 years in the 13th Ward.

Earlier in the month of April, Governor Pritzker ordered flags to fly half-staff following the death of a Chicago fireman.

And just last week flags were at half-staff to mourn another mass shooting in the United States, this one at a shopping center in Allen, Texas.

Here's The Reason U.S. Flags Across Illinois are Flying Half-Staff

Governor J.B. Pritzker ordered all flags to half-staff in "honor and remembrance" of Chicago Police Officer Areanah M. Preston who was killed by four teenagers in Chicago.

Flags should remain at half-staff through this Wednesday (5/18) at sunset, according to the press release from the Governor's office.

Will American Flag Stay at Full-Staff for Very Long Next Time?

Once it goes back to full staff on Thursday (5/19), don't be surprised if it's only there for a day or two before either another mass shooting happens or someone passes away and it will be lowered again.

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