Forget about heading to Tennessee or Kentucky to find aged whiskey.

Illinois first whiskey distillery is right here in DeKalb!

Did you know about this? I certainly didn't. I think it must be DeKalb's best kept secret, which now, well it isn't any more.

Whiskey Acres Distilling Company, is Illinois first whiskey estate.According to Proudly DeKalb, "Whiskey Acres began distilling in December of 2014.  Six months later, their first unaged products won awards at three international double blind tasting competitions and they were sold at over 100 locations throughout Illinois."

They opened their doors for tours this past July and are expecting the their "first batches of barrel-aged bourbon will be available in late spring of 2016.  They also make a rye whiskey that will be available in late 2016."

Wow! How cool is that and I had n idea about this place.

I want to go see this place don't you? They give tours and you can visit their tasting room between the months March and November. Neat.

To find out more about Whiskey Acres Distillery, visit their website


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