In Sandoval Illinois, a man named Jason Eagan suffers from Down Syndrome but that didn't stop him from doing what he wanted to achieve. Since 2016, Jason has been a volunteer firefighter with the Sandoval Fire protection district. His brother talked about how he has always responded to every single call. He goes on to say that Jason actually quit a few months back do to one of the firefighters harassing him and referring to Jason by calling him inappropriate names.


On one hand, it's an amazing story that shows you no matter what you can achieve what you want to achieve. But one the other hand it makes me sick to know that he had to deal with bullying and name calling, and from all people, a co-worker. This is ridiculous, I read the original article up and down to try to find out who put Jason through this but no name was mentioned. On a positive note, Eagan's family is contacting attorneys and disability advocates.

Hopefully when all is said and done, the firefighter that harassed Eagan will be held responsible. I definitely know one thing, something needs to be done and personally I believe whoever harassed and called him names needs to lose their job.



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