The Rockford Operation Fallen Flags is hosting a special event called Huey Day at the LZ Peace Memorial in Rockford. The special event will raise funds for the organization and teach children about the Vietnam War. Children will have the opportunity to get up close with a real Huey Helicopter that served in the conflict and enjoy free helicopter tours, flags, and Huey cookies.

What does Rockford Operation Fallen Flags do?

The organization's truck, Miss Glory, rolls through the Rockford area replacing tattered flags throughout the 815 and disposes of them properly free of charge.

Lou Bachrodt Auto Mall
Lou Bachrodt Auto Mall

How will Huey Day raise funds for Rockford Operation Fallen Flags?

Huey Day, at Rockford's LZ Peace Memorial. will offer special Huey Cards for sale at $10 a pack to raise funds for the organization.

Here's what founder Nick Parnello said to WIFR-TV,

We’re going to have Huey cards, they’re a special designed card like baseball cards and we’re going to get the kids off to the Vietnam Veteran Memorial and the kids are going to get to go through the Huey and then they’re going to get a flag and they’re also going to get a Huey cookie.

The Huey Helicopter will be on site as a testament to the bravery and sacrifice of those who fought during the conflict, and Huey Day is a fitting tribute to their legacy.


Northern Illinois businesses keep Miss Glory's mission and fundraising alive.

Miss Glory requires upkeep and Lou Bachrodt Auto Mall is one of the companies that generously donates its services to help maintain the truck.

The flags will be donated by Farm and Fleet and Home Depot, Halo Cupcakes is also baking 200 cookies for the event.

Why is Huey Day significant for veterans?

Huey Day is a meaningful event for veterans, especially those who served as crew members on a Huey. The goal is to educate kids and adults on this important piece of history and understand the sacrifices and challenges faced during the Vietnam War. The event is a fitting tribute to the legacy of those who fought during the conflict.

Midway Village Museum
Midway Village Museum

When will Huey Day take place?

The event is on April 29th, 10 AM - 2 PM, at LZ Peace Memorial, a place honor for those veterans who served our country, in war and in peace.

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