A community can get a reputation for being a "party town" or a place where there's heavy drinking happening because of the city's social scene, where bars, pubs, and clubs dominate the nightlife landscape.

Many college towns with a high population of young adults near or just about at the legal drinking age can rightfully get a reputation for being a "drunk" town because of the level of alcohol use.

The national average for adult excessive drinking is 19.8 percent, according to 247WallSt.

If there are numerous events or festivals centered around alcohol consumption in one single village, it could further perpetuate the idea of a "drunk town" as people gather to celebrate with a drink in their hand

Survey Ranks Illinois, and Wisconsin Cities as Drunkest in State

High-stress jobs, economic hardships, or lack of recreational activities might push individuals towards alcohol as a means of relaxation, and a new ranking of cities across the U.S. has revealed where lushes live in every state.

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According to the survey, some of the drunkest metro areas in the country are in the Midwest where binge drinking is prevalent.

The CDC defines binge drinking as "consuming five or more drinks on one occasion for men or four or more drinks for women."

The Drunkest City in Wisconsin is Wausau-Weston

More than 27 percent of adults in Wausau "drink excessively" and almost 1 out of 4 fatal auto accidents are alcohol-related.

The Drunkest City in Illinois is Kankakee

Kankakee was the Land of Lincoln's lush capital with about 17 percent of adults who say they drink excessively, and an alarming 40 percent of the automobile deaths countywide were alcohol-related.

To see the drunkest city in every U.S. state, CLICK HERE.

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