When you get license plates assigned by the state you would never expect to have to fear for your life, but that's exactly what happen to one Illinois driver.

NBC Chicago shares that an Illinois driver receives new license plates for his vehicle and had no idea that the number randomly assigned on it had connections to white supremacists.

The number in question was "1488", which is "often used by white supremacists as a way to celebrate white purity and salute Hitler."

Apparently, "a Twitter user posted a picture of the license plate"  and the driver then said he received "social media backlash [that had] been so intense that he fears for his life. Twitter users advocated for slashing the car's tires and burning the vehicle."

Oh my gosh, how scary.

Thankfully, the Illinois Secretary of State's office "agreed to pull the plate" and "are offering the owner a new plate."

Wow! Who would think something like this could happen?

You would think there would be some sort of sensor that would know not to issue certain numbers to vehicles. If there isn't I think Illinois and all states for that matter should implement this.



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