This might be a first, not just for Rockford but for all departments of motor vehicles (DMVs) everywhere.

We all have encountered an unpleasant experience at a Secretary of State Facility, the technical name. This is not a slight against the men and women working inside the facility. There can be many reasons for distaste for the DMV including long lines, rude people inside, or maybe we forgot to bring the correct document(s) to take care of whatever reason we may be there in the first place.

Now, bear in mind, the internet (in my opinion) isn't necessarily the best place to go to for a review of a business, government, or otherwise. Think about it, most of the reviews we read on social media or websites like Yelp! are negative. It's so incredibly easy to get ticked off, pull out our phones, and start firing off verbal shots. Yes, there are good reviews online sometimes but not nearly as often as complaints.


This can not possibly be the first positive review for a DMV but since this praise has to do with a ROCKFORD department of motor vehicles location it must be shared.

The comment comes from Redditor u/mklcsw,

I have to share my shocking story of visiting the DMV at 10:30am on a Saturday…

I needed to renew my license and wanted a Real ID in the process. I gathered the necessary documents, grabbed some water and snacks, and prepared to wait in line outside for at least an hour.

So I get to the DMV at 10:30am and there’s NO LINE! I literally walked in, went through the process, and was back in my car leaving in 30 minutes. I was shocked!

Also, this was the Rockford DMV, so not a small rural location that frequently has short lines.

Anyway, happy driving!

Though this person did not mention a specific location, the E. State Street location is not open on Saturdays so this accolade goes to the Auburn Street DMV.

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