It was a stressful couple of hours for the owners of a little dog that apparently fell down an abandoned well earlier today (Wednesday 5/31) in Rockford.

Scary Moment for Owner of Dog Who Fell in Well

According to the post on the Rockford Fire Department Facebook page, crews were called out on Wednesday evening to attempt the rescue of someone's pet that was at the bottom of an old well.

The small dog reportedly fell down a hole into the well and became trapped 13 feet below ground.

Fire and Public Works Department Team Up for Rescue

The Rockford Fire Department used its "technical rescue equipment" and the Public Works Department was on hand to "provide technical evacuation" as they dug down 13 feet to reach the little fur baby.

Winnebago County Animal Control was also on the scene to assist.

In the initial post about a dog falling into a well on the Rockford Fire Department's Facebook page, the rescue was still active at the time so there was a lot of anxiety for followers of the page until we got word that the dog was out of the well and doing well.

Owners Reunited with Dog From the Well

About an hour after the first Facebook post about a dog falling into an abandoned well, the Rockford Fire Department gave an all-clear that the dog made it out safely with a post saying "We’re happy to report the dog has been rescued and is OK!"

The dog's owner Shanika Kilpatrick told me via Facebook that his name is Kobe and he's 2 years old.

Shanika Kilpatrick
Shanika Kilpatrick

Shanika shared a picture of Kobe "resting in his spot on the couch."

Once the dog was rescued, many took to Facebook for their thank yous and to give praise for the Rockford Fire Department and Public Works Department.

Thank you so much: you are all nothing short of awesome and wonderful! -Barbara Michaels-Davis

Thank you Rockford Fire Dept.for going the extra mile for the furry friend.. you Rock!!! -Brenda Peterson-ellis

Following the rescue, the dog's apparent owner also commented on Facebook saying:

All I could do is say thank you guys so much he now took a warm bath and eating and drinking plenty of water. -Shanika Kilpatrick

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