An Illinois county is considering to make their county a gun sanctuary.

However, they are leaving that decision to the voters.

WGN shares that Williamson County in southern Illinois "will be letting voters decide whether [the county] will join a movement by several other counties in the state to become a gun sanctuary."

County Board of Commissioners Chairman Jim Marlo said "that the board has voted to let residents have input on the resolution to become a sanctuary county for gun owners."

Marlo said  that "Letting the residents of Williamson County decide is our goal, not just the opinion of three people on a board.”

Fellow board member, Commissioner Ron Ellis said "he believes the measure will pass with with flying colors.” And that “It will hold much more weight when presented to our legislators.”

"The board has until August to formulate the question" that will then be placed on the ballot for November for the residents in Williamson county to decide.

I think that the way this board is going about the probability of making the county a gun sanctuary is the right way, they are leaving it to the people who live in the area to decided on this and just handing down a mandate.

November's vote will be the final decision on which way the county goes.




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