I'm going to be real honest here for a minute. This whole coronavirus thing is really blowing my mind. I get that it is a serious illness and that people are dying, but never in my 40 years on this Earth do I remember a virus outbreak overtaking every aspect of our lives.

We can't buy toilet paper or soap. We can't travel anywhere without the fear of getting sick. The way schools operate is being highly effected. Nearly everything fun to do that involves a crowd is getting cancelled or postponed. I think I just hit the point where I start to panic.

My husband works at one of the hospitals in Rockford, and the other day I asked him to explain to me why this outbreak has hit full on pandemonium status. His reply, "it's all about containment". Everyone is taking extreme precautions to contain the spread and protect the people most vulnerable to the illness...young children, the elderly, and those with compromised immune systems.

Protecting students is exactly why schools like Northern Illinois University and Illinois State University have decided to extend their spring breaks and to modify how their classes operate this month.

My mind may not still comprehend the level of hysteria coronavirus is causing, but I do know our focus should be on stopping/preventing the spread, and not simply panicking about catching it and dying.

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