You can show support for breast cancer awareness, law enforcement, or our military veterans depending on what color your porch light is.

What do these different color porch lights mean?

There's always room for debate as to what each porch light color represents, but there are some colors that are more common than others in Illinois.

According to, the blue porch lights could represent local support for law enforcement in Winnebago County and Rockford.

Red porch lights represent the American Heart Association or the 4th of July.

Pink porch lights are for breast cancer awareness.

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Now we're seeing local landmarks with orange lights during Work Zone Safety Awareness Week.

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With more than 6,000 crashes happening in Illinois work zones last year, leading to 29 deaths, several buildings, and bridges will light up in orange to honor those who have died in work zones.

The color orange has come to symbolize that everyone, from the workers in the field on down to the traveling public, can play a role in eliminating work zone crashes and fatalities. We deeply appreciate and give thanks to all of our partners who share our goal to make this the safest construction season ever in Illinois. -Illinois Transportation Secretary Omer Osman

As the road construction season gets into full swing, here are the buildings and bridges in Illinois that will light up in orange through April 21.

  • Rockford’s Morgan Street Bridge.
  • Rockford City Hall.
  • Embassy Suites Rockford Riverfront.
  • BOMA/Chicago, as part of its Illuminate Chicago program. The organization represents more than 200 buildings in downtown Chicago, including the iconic Willis Tower.
  • Peoria’s Murray Baker Bridge.
  • Rock Island’s Centennial Street Bridge.

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