Being a parent is the toughest job in the world, but there are moments of joy and laughter that make it the BEST job in the world. This is one of those moments.

When a child has just experienced something they loved, they will immediately let you know. You'll see the joy in their face, you'll noticed the extra 'spring' in their step.

A child who just did something the fun will talk about it non-stop and won't miss an opportunity to share what they experienced and how they felt about it.

If the child loves to draw pictures, what they've seen or done, will often show up in those little pieces of art.

That brings us to 7-year-old Kylan's sidewalk chalk drawing of his recent trip to Belvidere's Summerfield Zoo.

Kylan's mom, Melissa, shared that the visit to the turtle enclosure is what stood out most during their trip to the zoo.

Most days, this is what you'll see at Summerfield Zoo

Summerfield Zoo via Facebook
Summerfield Zoo via Facebook

That is NOT what Melissa and Kylan saw during their trip.

This is what was waiting for them when they walked around the corner to the turtle enclosure.


Every family has a different way to describe what's going on in that picture, and if your child is only seven, the story you tell is a lie.

Kylan's mom told me that he's seen this kind of animal activity at home and they tell him,

"the dogs are just exercising."

What do you think Kylan shouted out when they came upon the zoo turtles? You guessed it...

"Hey mom, look. The turtles are exercising!"

Like I said about little artists when they've done something fun, guess what little Kylan drew on the driveway when they got home?

Summerfield Zoo's Exercising Turtles


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