An old bus was converted into a drinking lounge by a bar in Illinois.

I have a pretty good sense of adventure. I like to experience new and different things. I remember as a kid going on road trips with my family and we never knew what kind of unusual attractions we would see.

I'm a big fan of restaurants and bars that aren't in normal brick and mortar type buildings. I've been to many strange types of establishments in my life. I can name a few. I've eaten or had beverages in businesses that were originally made for other purposes. They include train, airplane, boat, bank, house, church, jail, gas station, fire station, and barn to name just a few. It just adds to the atmosphere. I enjoy any kind of theme.

There's a new place in Chicago with a unique location that I'm definitely going to have to check out.

According to,

"Goose Island has transformed a vintage CTA bus into a private drinking room. The bus, which dates back to 1963, has been rehabbed and outfitted with tables, a heating system, Bluetooth speakers, and a touchless ordering system to encourage social distancing. You can book a $10, two-hour reservation which comes with a free beer."

I love the idea. It sounds like fun. Especially, right now when we're stuck with outdoor dining.

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