The holiday season is almost in full swing and people are already planning their "must-do" winter activities.

It does not matter where you live in Illinois, there are plenty of options for seasonal fun. If you ask enough people you're more than likely to learn there more events than you can possibly attend. This one should be on your list.

Pair is placed on ice skating. It is snowing outside
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Holiday Events/Festivals: Phase 1

Definitely check out the events and displays in your own backyard. I'm not referring to the actual backyard of your property, I mean in your local community. Start with the single-day events and move from there.

Stroll On State
Stroll On State

Holiday Events/Festivals: Phase 2

After you've wrapped up any late fall activities and knocked out a few winter activities venture a little further outside of your area, specifically Chicago.

(Yes, I know... Chicago can be a bit much but I truly believe this annual pop-up will be worth it.)

Jack Frost Winter Walk & Christmas Tree Farm in Chicago is arguably the mecca of winter memories in Illinois. If it weren't a true statement there wouldn't be so many marriage proposals that organizers felt the need for an entire section of tips in the FAQs.

There's so much to do.

Marriage proposals aren't the only thing happening at this pop-up, like adult drinks and winter fun.

There's ax throwing and ice skating; these are separate and not combined.

There's a Christmas tree farm and endless amounts of lights, but none of that holds a candle to their bumper cars.

Once you see these you're going to want to try it yourself.

These winter vehicles are joystick-guided joy. You can zip along like a Zamboni, float along like you’re tubing a lazy river, or engage your friends in a brutal bumper car battle! This is one party that everyone crashes!

Here's a video with a glimpse of these bumper cars in action.

Buy tickets and find info here.

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