What's it like to live in a small town?

I mean, I live in a town where seemingly everyone knows what's going on with everybody, so I can't imagine what it would be like to live in a place where the population is 200.

Because when it's a town that small, everyone knows your business.

So maybe I'm not cut out to live in some of these small towns like Lafayette, or Kell, or Seaton.

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Three of those are first, places I've never heard of, and have populations so minuscule, I think they all have to know each other.

Going through the list of tiny towns in Illinois made me realize that in order to qualify for small town status, you'll need a church.

Nearly every one of these places listed has a church somewhere in the middle of the town.

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The next necessary item is a bar. If you check out each one of these places, you'll notice a watering hole is somewhere in town, no matter how many people live there.

Some of them have hardware stores, some had restaurants and one had a water tower.

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Of the 25 though, there was barely one name brand anything in town. No McDonald's, Burger King, Target, or Walmart. Nothing like that.

The only thing noticeable to my eyes while combing through the 25 smallest towns in Illinois was a Casey's.

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When you consider where you live Chicago or Rockford or somewhere else in Illinois that has all that commerce, getting a gas station in town that serves pizza would be a huge deal.

Honestly, we kind of freak out about it in the town I live in too. Casey's pizza is so very underrated.

Anyway, check out these 25 small towns and tell me the best of the bunch.

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