For those that really want to get the COVID-19 vaccine, the waiting-for-eligibility game is torture. So many people have been missing out on so much "life" thanks to this pandemic, and to many the vaccine is their get-out-quarantine-jail card.

I truly believe Winnebago County has been doing a great job administering vaccines as quickly as possible, but more man power means more shots given, so the Illinois National Guard is coming to help Rockford.

According to, Dr. Sandra Martell of the Winnebago County Health Department announced in a press conference yesterday that a mass COVID-19 vaccination site is being set up at the former K-Mart location on Sandy Hollow Road, and that it will be manned by members of the IL National Guard. Dr. Martell said;

We are going to vaccinate based on supply as many as we possibly can do and that’s why we’re building capacity at the time when vaccine availability is just beginning to ramp up. So, understand that we have to build the capacity, so when it arrives, we’re ready to roll.

If you are someone who is chomping at the bit to get vaccinated, please take note of the last sentence of the quote from Dr. Martell; "we have to build the capacity". Stockpiling a large number of vaccines for this site will take some time. Please be patient, and if you haven't registered to get the vaccine yet, please do so now, here.

Here's the video from yesterday's press conference if you want to hear all the details..


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