Fans, including parents, are plaguing Illinois High School Association's attempt to find game officials. Why? Because of "adult behavior." Shockingly, 75% of officials that have quit blame it on adult behavior. Yes, adult fans are not making it fun for officials (a.k.a. referees) and, therefore, many are "hanging up their whistle", as described by

Since 2011, there has been more than a 14 percent drop in available referees in Illinois and in the five largest sports in terms of officiating, baseball has lost more than one thousand umpires, more than a 24 percent decline.

Young-aged referees last about two years before quitting. And the average referees makes about $70 a game, which is totally not worth being heckled or yelled at.

Rockford Public Schools Director of Athletics Mat Parker told three fans have been banned from games over the last two years. Knock it off, let them do their jobs, and let the kids play.

Believe it or not, children and older teens are learning while playing sports... would you go to their classroom and heckle and yell at their teachers? If so, knock it off.

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