In Illinois, many high schools are known for their passionate sports culture and are home to some of the best high schools for athletes. The battle for sports supremacy isn't limited to the athletes alone.

It spills over into the institutions that support them. Both public high schools and private schools face off in rivalries filled with respect, healthy competition, and the occasional playful jab.

What Makes A School Stand Out When It Comes To Sports?

Illinois has an impressive lineup of schools where sports are taken seriously. What makes these schools stand out? It's a blend of factors that contribute to their rankings. Parent and student surveys on sports, total high school enrollment, K-12 sports championships, number of sports offered, and athletic participation rates all play a role.

It takes a dedicated community of athletes, coaches, and supporters to create a winning environment. So, kudos to all the schools on this list for their commitment to fostering sportsmanship and creating memorable moments.

Rockford East High School Football
Rockford East High School Football

Top 5 Best High Schools For Sports In Illinois

#5. Montini Catholic High School, Lombard

#4. Loyola Academy, Wilmette

#3. Mount Carmel High School, Chicago

#2. Glenbard West High School, Glen Ellyn

#1. Lincoln-Way East High School, Frankfort

The Rankings Factors

Stacker relied on data from Niche to compile this list of the best high schools for sports in Illinois, according to WGN. The rankings took into account various factors, including parent and student surveys on sports, total high school enrollment, K-12 sports championships, number of sports offered, and athletic participation rates.

These criteria provided a comprehensive overview of the athletic programs and opportunities available at each institution.

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Boylan Catholic High School
Boylan Catholic High School

#23: Boylan Catholic High School

Boylan Catholic High School: The Catholic institution boasts an overall Niche grade of A-. With a well-rounded athletic program, Boylan Catholic High School has demonstrated its commitment to providing opportunities for its student-athletes.

The school has earned the respect and recognition of parents and students, who appreciate the quality of the sports programs offered. Boylan Catholic High School's placement at number 23 is a testament to its dedication and success in the realm of high school sports.

Belvidere North High School
Belvidere North High School

#19. Belvidere North High School: Embracing the Underdog Spirit

Belvidere North High School proudly takes its place at number 19. Some might call their teams underdogs but who doesn't love a good underdog story?

They might not have the fanciest facilities or the most impressive trophies, but what they lack in resources, they make up for with sheer determination. Plus, who doesn't love rooting for the dark horse?

Find the list of the 25 best high schools for sports here.

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