Another group in Illinois has publically stated they will not follow mitigation orders proposed by Governor J.B. Pritzker.

2020 has put a wrench in 99% of all public events and gatherings. With safety in mind, state health officials and Governor Pritzker has been monitoring COVID-19 cases. As the numbers rise, more and more mitigation orders have been issued by the governor, thus affecting not only social gatherings but also putting a strain on bars and restaurants. Many of these affected businesses have defied closing orders by staying open while following social distancing and mask-wearing recommendations. Illinois High School Association is the most recent to step out against Pritzker.

In a statement, the organization's board understands the importance of following safety guidelines while coronavirus continues to spread.

The Board has not been presented any causal evidence that rising COVID-19 cases make basketball more dangerous to play by the IDPH or any other health organization nationally or internationally.

High school basketball teams in Illinois will return to the court for practice on November 16 with a season start date of November 30, 2020.

As a part of the mitigation plan, masks will be worn by all players, coaches, and officials during play.  Boys and Girls Basketball teams will follow team limitations allowing a maximum of 31 games.

With high school foul being sacked by orders set forth in early spring, at least some high school athletes will be able to get one more season under their belts before college. Let's just hope safety guidelines are honored and effective.

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