As what last week, Illinois surpassed $430 million in cannabis product sales and some of that money could start being used with great purpose in Rockford. The mayor's office has proposed some of the sales tax from recreational cannabis sales to be used to support community-based programs. Currently, Rockford receives a 3% sales tax for all adult-use cannabis sold within the city. Under this resolution, the programs considered are those which "enhance our community", according to the press release.

Some of these programs include bringing education youth programming, job training, financial assistance, and more to what the City of Rockford refers to as "communities within the city that have been disproportionately impacted by cannabis-related laws." Other programs included substantially reducing and protecting communities from gun violence, support communities with target investments and intervention related to gun violence, and programs directed toward improving economic growth and improving family violence prevention, and more.

The resolution does not specify which particular programs will be funded, but provides a framework for which types of programs will be given the highest priority. The City will partner with other organizations to support community-based programs.

City Council will vote on this resolution next week and, if approved, will need to approve any funding given to a specific program. Here is the full press release.

City of Rockford
City of Rockford

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