The pancake folks have given the idea wheel a spin and come up with something new (for them) just in time for pumpkin season. Get ready for the better of three treasures of life; pancakes, pumpkin, and beer.

International House of Burgers Pancakes has taken the flavor of their popular pumpkin pancakes and decided, "Hey, let's toss this into beer and see what happens." It probably didn't go down that easily (unlike beer) but they made it happen. IHOP teamed up with a brewery to develop IHOPS, their pumpkin spice pancake stout - "inspired by the chain's pumpkin pancakes", according to Thrillist.

If you'd like to try IHOP's IHOPS (confusing, right?) you're going to have to get to the east coast to Hudson, NY.

It will only be available on tap at select bars and events in the Tri-State area during the fall season.

I'm sorry to be the bearer of bad news so let's end this on a "ok, I'm happy now" note. There are five kinds of awesome pumpkin flavored beers waiting for you to enjoy at home, click here to read about them.

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