Dish Network made a list of every state's favorite sitcom and it looks like Illinois was singing "I'll be there for youuuuuuuuuuu!"

First, how did Dish come up with this list?

To compile this list, we scanned for the 20 most popular sitcoms that premiered or aired primarily in the 1990s and then compared their search interest from 2004 to the present on Google Trends.

Before revealing Illinois' favorite '90s sitcom lets peek at surrounding states.

  • Wisconsin: That 70's Show
  • Indiana: Everybody Loves Raymond
  • Kentucky: Saved By The Bell
  • Missouri: King Of Queens
  • Iowa: Friends

Did you catch the hint in the headline of this article? Illinois joins five other states in loves seven friends from Manhattan. The ten-year-running '90s sitcom Friends was Illinois' favorite sitcom. According to Dish,

This sitcom gets the most love from the Midwest, with 6 states there claiming it as their favorite—more states than the runner-up got altogether—and 7 other states from the West, New England, the Pacific, and the South (in that order).

I hadn't watched Friends until it popped up on Netflix and I recommend giving it at least one go-round. And, in case you care to know, here's the rest of the US's favorite sitcoms.

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