Jason Aldean may sing about a Hicktown, but does he really know what a Hicktown is?

I know I do. I grew up in one.

He grew up in Macon, GA. Currently, it's population is over 91,000.  I hardly call that a Hicktown.

I grew up in Holcomb, IL. A small town just 3 miles South of Davis Junction off Highway 251. Actually, it's not even a town. Holcomb is categorized as an "Unincorporated Village". Seriously. That's how small it is. There's about 75 homes.

It was founded by former Chicago Iowa Railroad General Manager, William Holcomb in 1876. At one time it was a bustling little village for the railroad. Nowadays, the only things going on there is the Holcomb State Bank, the U.S. Post Office, and Hueber Grain Elevator. The town is nestled right into the heart of farmland, that's surrounded by corn and soybean fields.

Growing up, Halloween was a big deal. You always had to make a stop by the Timm's Barn and get a bag of popcorn. Every summer the town had a community picnic on their property. For us kids in the summer riding our bike around the 4 mile square or picnicking in the Holcomb Cemetery was something we did for fun. There never was a shortage of things to do.

Life was sure carefree back then. In fact whenever I feel like life is starting to cave in on me I always go home to get myself centered again.

If anyone knows anything about Hicktown's it's this girl here. HA!

However, I won't pick on Jason. I mean, come on, he wrote a song for all of us "Hicktown" kids. Thanks Jason for giving us kids recognition.

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Let's here it for all the Hicktowns!