If you think we have had enough rain already, you ain't seen nothing yet. All of Illinois and a good portion of Southern Wisconsin will be in the path of Tropical Storm Gordon.

It's not unusual for remnants of tropical storms to affect our weather in portions of Illinois, but in the case of Tropical Storm Gordon, the path after the system makes landfall will rain on the entire state, and there could be a lot of it!

The National Weather Service just released its updated map showing the predicted path of travel of Gordon. Illinois and Southern Wisconsin can expect a lot of rain if the predictions come true.

Hurricane Gordon Rain Forecast Hit The Entire State Illinois
NWS Graphic

The National Weather Service says that Tropical Storm Gordon will make landfall tonight (Tuesday). By the time the storm arrives in Illinois on Saturday and Sunday, it will not contain the hurricane force winds, and will be reclassified as a tropical depression.

The bad news is that Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin could see several inches of rain. With the vast amounts of rain already received, we could see more flood potential in our area. Portions of Illinois could receive over six inches of rain according to the National Weather Service.

Hurricane Gordon Rain Forecast to Hit the Entire State of Illinois
NWS Graphic (5 day rainfall forecast Tropical Storm Gordon)

The possibility of another flood event will target Illinois will remain on Saturday and Sunday.

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