Someone tell President Donald Trump — whose budget has proposed the elimination of federal arts enrichment programs — that books and movies can save lives. Just ask Megan Gething, a 12-year-old Hunger Games fan from Gloucester, Massachusetts.

According to WCVB Boston, Gething, Mackenzie George and their friends were swimming in a nearby marsh as part of a sleepover birthday party recently when George slipped and hit her leg on something underwater. She originally shrugged it off as a bump, but soon, she realized she'd been sliced up her leg by a rusty chunk of metal that would eventually take close to 50 stitches to close.

No adults were within earshot, but Gething, thankfully, was quick on her feet.

"At first I just thought she was overreacting," Gething said, before she saw the water around Geroge's leg turning red. "I realized something was probably wrong."

Gething said she quickly remembered a scene from Hunger Games in which Katniss quickly swoops in to stop bleeding.

"Katniss ties a tourniquet around it, so I grabbed [a friend's] shorts, I wrapped it around the cut and I held it tight," she said.

Gething said she had "no clue" the book would eventually lead to her own act of heroism, but the report added the tourniquet's application could have been life-saving while the girls waited for a 911 call to be answered.

“I’m just thankful that she stopped the bleeding because otherwise it would have been way worse,” George added.

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