A friend of mine, who is an avid deer hunter, passed this story on to me about celebrities who hunt.

Some of them, I can honestly say, I was actually surprised by. Take a look and see if you are too.

Avril Lavigne - She hunts with her Dad and brother.

Blake Shelton - Not so surprising there. He's a deer hunter. What's surprising to me is that Blake has brought Adam Levine along with him hunting.

Chris Pratt - He uses both a rifle and a bow

Bo Jackson - He's a great Bow Hunter.

Jennifer Lawrence - Hmm, no wonder she got the lead in Hunger Games.

Eva Longoria - She grew up hunting with her Dad and can skin her own game. Wow! She's so pretty and delicate, I'd never of thought she hunted. Would you?

To see the complete surprising list of celebrity hunters click here.





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