The Griswold's would be impressed by the huge holiday light display in Illinois.

My Love For Christmas Light Displays

I have been a big fan of Christmas light displays since I was just a little child. I would bug my dad every year until he put out our decorations. We had a row of bushes and even a small evergreen tree to hang lights off of. I thought it was pretty cool. Of course, I always wanted more but I was just glad we had some.

Christmas Lighting
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One of our holiday family traditions was to put Christmas music on the car stereo and drive around to check out all the lights and display around town. I looked forward to that each holiday season. If I was lucky, my mom would bring some hot chocolate and cookies.

Suburbia Lights Up For Christmas
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Now, with my own family, we put out a Christmas display for the holidays. In the beginning, it was just lighting. Recently, over the past couple of years, we have added inflatables to our collection. I would really like to add a couple of old-school blow-mold light-up outdoor decorations but I was vetoed on that one.

Glowing from within snowman. Christmas decoration

The King Of Christmas Light Displays

When it comes to outdoor Christmas light displays, there is one undisputed king and that is Clark Griswold for Christmas Vacation. He has set the standard for everyone else to live up to. The majority of people who try to rival the master, usually fail. Every once in a while, someone shows up who has what it takes.

Look Out Griswold's There Is Competition

According to,

"900 Christmas decorations fill this Normal man's yard."


"What began in the early ’90s as a display of just a few holiday decorations and lights for Mike Holtz has exploded into a mesmerizing Christmastime staple, generating viral videos and photos on Facebook, Twitter, and now TikTok."


"About 900 vintage blow-mold light-up outdoor decorations fill Holtz's yard and scale the trees and walls of his house."

You have to admit, it is pretty darn impressive.

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