In honor of Bret Michaels joining our huge Labor Day Bash, Brews and BBQ, this Saturday, I thought it only fitting that we wear a bandana just like him.

Here are six ways on how you can wear it Saturday.


Now let's review the six ways to wear your bandana for Saturday.

1. The Large Sweatband (Bret Band 1)

2. The Thin Sweatband

3. The Clean Look Headband

4. The Simple Diagonal Fold (Bret Band 2)

5. The Half Headband-Half Diagonal Fold (Think Rosie the Riveter)

6. The Pony Tail Accessory

My personal favorites are #2, 3 and 4.

By the way I promised in the video I'd give you the link with the close up tutorials for each of the bandana options. Click here for the WikiHow link.

I can't wait to see you Saturday at Settler's Park for Brews and BBQ. To get all the details and your tickets click the box below.