In today's busy lifestyle the number one diet blower is lack of time. You've had a long day at work, you're stressed, and everybody's starving. Instead of grabbing the phone and ordering pizza or grabbing something to-go, use your slow cooker as your dinner savior!

Sure, you technically still have to prepare the meal ahead of time, but just think about how nice it feels to know you have a piping-hot home cooked meal waiting when you get home.

Here's some benefits of using your slow cooker to ensure dieting success according to an article on

  • Cooking in Bulk - When we're hungry, we grab the easiest and quickest thing we can find to munch on. If you've got a fridge or freezer full of delicious meals to choose from you'll quickly kick that munchie habit to the curb!
  • Extra Flavor - One of the worst things about "diet" food is the blandness. The thing slow cookers are best at is bringing all kinds of flavor out of your ingredients. The slower you cook it, the more flavorful it becomes. Yay!
  • No Added Fat or Extras Are Needed - Thanks to the flavor unlocking power of a slow cooker, all the extra oils, butters, condiments and such are not needed to create a juicy and delicious dish.
  • Preparing Vegetables - Cooked veggies usually taste better, and using a slow cooker is a super easy way to prepare a variety of vegetables at once in bulk.
  • Multi-Meals - If you are the only one in your family that is dieting, and everyone else refuses to eat your meals, use your slow cooker to make your meals in bulk so dinner preparation time can be used for the rest of your family instead.
  • Unlimited Resources - Diet meals can get boring in a hurry, but there are so many slow cooker meals to choose from for whatever meal plan you are following.