What's worse than a clogged toilet and no plunger? Nothing. Here's how to unclog your at-home throne.

My son has a knack for clogging the toilet. Don't ask how, you don't want details. But the first time it happened we were without a plunger and in panic mode. After search high and low for something to clear the commode I decided to pour extremely hot water into the bowl and hope for the best. Boom! Or should I say "swish?" Problem solved.

Now, each time he clogs the loo, there's never a panic because I know exactly what to do. Following these steps and you can unclog your toilet, too.

Things You Will Need

  • Mop bucket (small trash can)
  • Super Hot Water

Here's how to do it.

Need help with solving other household problems? Shoot me an email and I might make a video with the easiest solution.


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