Hey guys! I took another a challenge to see “Does this Work?”

This time it’s a party favor of making glow in the dark bottles.


Pretty Cool! I was amazed that 1. it works and 2. that it actually glows for a while; almost 15 to 20 minutes.

Susan Tyler; Townsquaremedia

Here's the materials you need:

1- 20 ounce soda bottle

1/4 inch of water or soda in put in bottom of bottle

A splash of dish soap (just a drop or 2)

1 glow stick and something sharp to cut it with (I used a utility knife)

Pinch of baking soda

1 to 3 caps filled with hydrogen peroxide (I used three because my peroxide was a bit older)

I can seeing using this at your next party on the deck this summer, for Halloween, or better yet how about for the Neon Vibe 5K Fun Run?

It’s this Saturday at Sports Score One. It’s going to be a fun evening of music, dancing and running in dark with nothing but neon glow in the dark to light you and the course up.

It’s not to late to sign up either. You have until this Friday to get your race packet at Peak Sports Club on Perryville Road.

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