This could change the way you buy Starbucks coffee forever.

If you're a "stop everyday and grab a coffee" kind of person it probably won't change your life too much but you'll be glad to find out that your rewards will come much quicker.

According to Cosmopolitan, Starbucks is revamping their "Rewards" program. Under the current system, Starbucks coffee drinkers are rewarded 1 star for every visit, no matter how much money they spend. After 12 visits a rewards program member receives a free cup of coffee.

Under the new system, if you're a My Starbucks member you'll get two stars for every $1 you spend. Which means if you go there often you'll be feeling the effects of free coffee more often under the new program than the old.

I wanted to double check that this was something that was indeed coming to Rockford. After a quick call to Starbucks on Alpine, it was confirmed that "yes" the rewards change is happening and should take effect sometime in April.