Did you know the city was giving away free trees to plant? Neither did I, so I found out more about the tree replacement program.

If you'er a property owner in the city of Rockford, you can get free trees to plant in your parkway. Your parkway, if you didn't know, is the grassy space between your sidewalk and the curb. I owned a home on the corner of State and James Ave. in Rockford and I wish I had taken advantage of this. Two trees had died in my parkway and I never knew about this program. The graphic below explains how the free tree thing works:

How To Get A Free Tree From The City of Rockford
City of Rockford via Facebook

Again, the number to call to request a free tree planted in your parkway, call 779-348-7260. For more detailed information, visit the City of Rockford Government Facebook page, by clicking here.

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