Ashley Madison, a website which promotes extramarital affairs, has been the target of internet hackers called The Impact Team. The Impact Team asked owners of to take down their website or they would release very personal information.

how to find out if your email was leaked by ashley madison
Tatiana Gladskikh, ThinkStock

Ashley Madison did not take down their site per the hackers' request.

As a result, millions of email addresses, personal information, credit card transactions and other "personal information" I'd rather not mention have been leaked. WOW!

This information is available on the "Dark Internet" which can be accessed by the Tor web browser, according to

I happen to NOT have this "Dark Web" they speak of, but have found a website that you can check to see if your information was leaked.

Did you know that these breaches of data are actually very common?

On, you can search your email address to see if you have ever had an account that was compromised by a data breach.

This could include Ashley Madison, Adobe, Gawker, Snapchat and other accounts.




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