We've all done it at some point; our car's fuel light comes on and we wonder, "how long can I drive this until I end up pushing it to the gas station?"

Now that the winter is cold and a lot of holiday road trips are in our future, it may be wise to know exactly how far you can go before hitting the gas station for a fill-up.

Although any mechanic will tell you running your car on fumes can cause damage to the engine, sometimes it can't be helped.

In a recent article, yourmechanic.com  provided a chart that lists the "range for how many miles you can drive – as well as the point at which the warning light illuminates – for the top 50 best-selling vehicles in the United States"

Here's a few I found interesting...

  • When the gas light comes on in a Ford F-150, it means there is 1/16th of a tank left, which means you have about 35-80 miles before you're pushing.
  • A Chevy Silverado has 25 miles remaining when the gas light comes on.
  • A Toyota Camry's gas light comes on when you have 2.6 gallons left in the tank, which equals about 65-91 miles left to travel.
  • When the light comes on in a Chevy Equinox, you officially have 50 miles left before you have to fill up.

To see if your vehicle made the list, and to make sure you know how far you can go before you're stranded, click here.

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